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#future Favourites markers 2 messages By Dominic Dambro ·
Maps 5 messages By gabriele somma ·
#future Add a 34 KHz WFM filter for NOAA APT 8 messages By jdow ·
#Future Allow the frequency database window to be sorted by clicking on the column headings 1 messages By carlton haycock ·
#Future Add a "Mode" field to the frequency database so when selecting a frequency, the proper mode (am,lsb,usb,etc) can be selected 1 messages By carlton haycock ·
Similar controls for spectrum Low/High as for waterfall contrast 1 messages By goscickiw ·
#Future Parameter to add in Favourites 4 messages By rocco labella IK8XLD ·
#future Add Scheduler for Audio Only Recording 1 messages By John C. Benoist ·
#Future Data recordings should record the correct frequency ribbons 1 messages By Phil Somers ·
#Future Higher "Min elev" for satellite passes 2 messages By Phil Somers ·
#future - Satellite auto sched - switch to next scheduled sat at end of current sat pass 4 messages By Phil Somers ·
#Future Elad FDM-DUO support 3 messages By Ivo Frigo ·
Mutual Visibility in Satellites 2 messages By David J Taylor ·
#future RX TX sync through transmitted signal 3 messages By Michael Beck ·
#future Check boxes in Frequency Database for Markers 1 messages By Chickin_Little ·
#Future Support for PureSignal on ANAN radios 1 messages By Mark Cayton ·
Multiple receivers stitched together 22 messages By Simon Brown ·
Geostationary Satellite Beacon Features 6 messages By Siegfried Jackstien ·
#future DSB max value = 4000 increased 1 messages By ea6amm@... ·
#Future Support for SunSDR2 transceivers 11 messages By Jim Smith G0OFE ·
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