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CubicSDR problem on Linux install 8 messages By jdow ·
Rx Matrix extremely slow and glitchy 32 messages By goscickiw ·
Receiver Changing Frequency - Feature or Bug 7 messages By Simon Brown ·
Favourites markers not showing for favourites without a receiver By goscickiw ·
Crash in SDR Console v3.0.24 11 messages By Simon Brown ·
CAT bug, Display changes but doesn't tune radio. 9 messages By Simon Brown ·
SDRplay service stopping 2 messages By Simon Brown ·
SDRCONSOLE + SDRPLAY V3 / SDRUNO 1.4 9 messages By Franco ·
XIT Active even when de-selected SDRConsole 3.0.22 By pseudonoise@... ·
Frequency zoom using the mouse wheel opens numeric input window 9 messages By jdow ·
FM Squelch 7 messages By Bob Dengler ·
#bug Connection to V3 server fails 2 messages By Simon Brown ·
Recording audio of all VFOs in matrix view ! 4 messages By goscickiw · Edited
#bug 12 messages By Simon Brown ·
SDR Console Does not Scale 3 messages By david.hagar@... ·
SDR Console V3.0.21 Crashes when Satellite Module is started. 7 messages By Kamal Edirisinghe ·
ELAD FDM-S2 Freezes with v3.0.20 16 messages By Oidar ·
Omnirig, OOB, Freeze 3 messages By Dani YO5LD ·
total crash bug on slave PC and server issues when adding second receiver using RTL-stick connected to AO100 dish :-( 8 messages By Pedro M.J. Wyns (on Dell XPS) ·
Map external program / radio mode to SDR Console mode control does not work 2 messages By Simon Brown ·
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