Interesting interaction between USB ports and Audio Popping

joni_ellen <no_spam@...>

Hi All,
While using SDR Console, I have discovered that when I plug the SDR-IQ USB cable into my 7 port USB expander that the audio 'pops', all modes, even with the maximum amount of audio buffers.

With the SDR-IQ USB cable plugged directly into the laptop, the audio is fine, even with the minimum amount of buffers.

Since I mainly use the SDR-IQ as a panadaptor and seldom use it for audio I don't recall this happening with Spectra View but then again that doesn't mean it doesn't. Probably should check this out a little closer but I'm incredibly lazy.

Probably a bit of packet clustering and delay coming out of the Belkin USB expander.

Just an FYI for those who experience the same problem.


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