My Impression Of SDR-Radio 1.5 Build 940


Dear Mr. Simon
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your wonderful and truly appreciated work. I just recently purchased a NetSDR. Your SDR-Radio 1.5 Build 940 is beyond belief! I'm truly amazed at all the options that are available.
I have only explored some of the options that are available. Your software is such a needed tool and really Rocks!
I did not want to bore the group with all of my questions that most likely get answered with a search of this group.
I was told before my purchase from a few colleagues, that NetSDR and SDR-Radio Console is great. Thank you Sir.
If you recall a few years ago I asked if you would include the QS1R (which I sold)in your radios the can run your software. SDR-Radio is simply amazing. Thank you Again.


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