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Hi Simon,
I don't see that "Zoom" changes the displayed location except in the zoom window.  It would be nice to have an option like SpectraVue where if you mouse click on a signal in the spectrum or waterfall windows, that signal is now centered of the spectrum window ("Demod Frequency - Ins" versus "Center Frequency - Ins").  Maybe even a better solution would be to simply add a small button between the "A" and the "M" (memory) buttons that is "C" for center current frequency in window?
As long as I'm weighing in, a "Lock" button would be nice addition to prevent inadvertent changing if one is not actively tuning but rather listening on a single frequency.
Finally, it would be nice to enter an offset to the computer clock so that UTC time is displayed.
Again, thank you for all you do on this and your other projects.  You get an amazing amount accomplished and your products are creative and functional.
73 de Mike

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If the Zoom window is displayed it'll do that automatically - if not - then I could add a button or...

What's your ideal solution here?

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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Is there a way to make the current frequency the new center frequency in the spectrum/waterfall window? I must be missing something?

Thanks for the help.

Mike, K7PI

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