Re: Build 379

joni_ellen <no_spam@...>

I get the latest Console and start installing it in my old Dell laptop with XPsp3.

While starting to install, the SDR-IQ all of the sudden dies! The red overload light comes on and the yellow 'pulse' light quits pulsing. (A hardware problem... Not a Console problem!)

Trying a number of workarounds to get the SDR-IQ going again (long story) I plug the SDR-IQ directly into the laptop rather than the USB expander box and it comes back alive. Well that is great! (read more later)

I launch Simon's new software and it works great 'right out of the box'. No problems with lock-up or freeze. Everything works and looks good. After fooling around with the refresh rates and some of the nerdier settings in the software the CPU load consistently is running less than 20%. Sync AM audio sounds really great.... and that's coming out of my lap top speakers!

Adjustable waterfall refresh rate is super... audio buffer adjustment and latency are more than acceptable for me. Selectable S meter is wonderful. Haven't had a chance to try digital but the CW filtering and adjustment at first glance seems to be as good if not better than my FT-950. Audio spectrum window really helps with narrowing the filter.

Only problems I see with a fairly brief session are:
1. It still need a knob! ;-) Tuning seems a bit clunky to me from a human interface point of view.

2. The font in the center of the audio spectrum window doesn't scale properly and overlaps itself at times. (I'll post a screen shot if you really need it). I think a couple of other screens have this problem too but this is just a minor thing that can be looked at when time permits.

Not too shabby for a pre-Beta Kit! Thanks Simon.

Also loaded the latest HRD too. Gotta keep up to date.

Getting updated software is as much fun as opening presents on Christmas day!


NOW about that SDR-IQ problem... As I was powering down the computer I noticed that the pilot light on the USB expander went out when the computer shut off..... Dumb me! Looks like the wall wart that powers the expander had fallen out of the wall socket and the expander just didn't have enough power to run the SDR-IQ.


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