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Thank you Simon, Rafael and Jim for advice. I took the router to the shop, because our LAN didn't work. If I understood anything, the problem was that after replacing modem & switch with the new modem&router I had two routers. Now the new router was swiched to a non-router position, but still the remote connection didn't work. I have two firewalls, Windows 7 and secondary. I had re-checked the secondary for port no. 7900, but not Windows. For some reason it had made a new entry for SDR-server and blocked it, without alerting anything!? I see now six entries in Windows firewall SDR-Radio and for another application virtually TENS of entries, apparently it creates a new entry each time I switch on the computer. Looks like there's a bug in Windows 7-64, does anyone know about this?

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5.8.2010 16:56, Jim Miles kirjoitti:

Port # is 7900...some combo dsl router-modems
Will require you to port forward to the ip of the computer
The the sdr is on.

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On Aug 5, 2010, at 7:31 AM, "pinoleronica" <pinoleronica@... <mailto:pinoleronica@...>> wrote:

You seem to need to re-educate the router to know your server's port. Access the router via your web browser and enable the port as you did with the old router. If you don't remember doing so, your router probably was wide open then.

As I am in the office, I cannot remember the port number now....
I know I went into some hairs pull when I set up my modem.

Rafael / NN3RP

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Hi Simon,
sorry for the late reply. Soon after sending my question we had a bad
thunderstorm and we lost electricity for ten hours!
Unfortunately I don't know how to check the routing table. Do you mean
that I should open the modem?


4.8.2010 19:50, Simon HB9DRV kirjoitti:


The web side can't connect - does the router have a routing table

Simon Brown, HB9DRV <>

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Today I replaced my ADSL modem with a newer ADSL2+ Annex M type
modem to
improve my connection's upload speed, but now I see that when I start
remote server application, my receiver is shown with the yellow
mark on
<>> , so the connection
is not OK. Can anyone please advise what I should do to get the
connection work. It worked OK till yesterday.


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