Re: V1.1 Build 376 (Preview, Explosive)

Jim Miles <jmiles56@...>

Just did a remote install of it. No fireworks yet. 
Tried cw decode from here and was nice! Not sure about 
The frequency display vs the decode display but did an exellent
Job with few errors. Will have to play with it more when back
In Oklahoma tomorrow. It's up and running as server Now.


Jim's iPhone 3GS 

On Aug 8, 2010, at 3:05 PM, "Simon HB9DRV" <simon@...> wrote:






As of now I'm bug-fixing to get V1.1 stable.


To see the first preview of the Data Decoder just select Data Decoder from the View / Extras menu. I've spent the last week integrating this, so I now see exactly what I must do to get the various decoders working with IQ data at 48kHz taken straight from the radio. The aim is to have the best suite of decoders available.




Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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