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Jim Miles <jmiles56@...>

While the new RFSpace SDR's all sound
Very nice I'm sure price wise they will be 
Quite a bit more than the SDR-IQ. I've looked
At the SDR-IP but just hard to justify the cost
Verses benefit ratio for normal dx'ing. Hopefully
The IQ will stay around awhile so I can place then
At remote locations. It will be fun to see what the
New offerings bring in this quickly changing hobby.


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This is coming and will be more than this.
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Subject: [sdr-radio-com] Diversity reception with large distance baselines - -Radio Console


Hi Simon,

As an idea for a future effort, for diversity reception, I was wondering if it would be possible to include an option to combine the same received signal in the radio console software from 2 different receivers that are physically separated by large distances. When I say large distances, this means anywhere from half a mile to over 100 miles. In addition to using high speed internet I would suppose that at the user interface there would be a need to have a manually adjustable time domain delay of some sort to provide phase addition of the signals. Maybe an additional routine that performs automatic sync-up could be developed also. What do you think? Alex.

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