Re: RF Spectrum Window

Alex P

Hi Simon. I think that this option is the best solution for this signal processing and look forward to it. Alex.

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I've been thinking about the ultimate DXer's window, and this would be
similar to the current AF Spectrum window but...

. Displays RF rather than AF, for example in AM you see both
sidebands (this is the same as you see in the normal Scope display).

. Waterfall.

. Filter adjust - width, shift, slope.

. Unlimited notch filters, each tuneable for width and depth.

. Display of notch filter response - similar to the display of the
filter shape.

. Contour adjust - popular with the newer Yaesu radios.

. 1, 1/2 or 1/3rd octave graphics equaliser.

. NB, NR controls.

. Time-lapse recording / playback.

No doubt other features would be required at a later date. I envisage this
window being run on a second monitor although this would not be essential.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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