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This would be perfect. I guess after many years of using HP spectrum analyzers I'm more use to seeing the RF side than the AF side. Where the RF signal shows on the scope and there is a signal of some type there it is not always the same
Case looking at AF. Many times a signal is present and If it is below the audio noise floor it's hard to see any signal at all ( even though I can hear it). Just my 2 cents worth ( before taxes).


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I've been thinking about the ultimate DXer's window, and this would be
similar to the current AF Spectrum window but...

. Displays RF rather than AF, for example in AM you see both
sidebands (this is the same as you see in the normal Scope display).

. Waterfall.

. Filter adjust - width, shift, slope.

. Unlimited notch filters, each tuneable for width and depth.

. Display of notch filter response - similar to the display of the
filter shape.

. Contour adjust - popular with the newer Yaesu radios.

. 1, 1/2 or 1/3rd octave graphics equaliser.

. NB, NR controls.

. Time-lapse recording / playback.

No doubt other features would be required at a later date. I envisage this
window being run on a second monitor although this would not be essential.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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