Re: Recording & notch - manual interface

Peter Conway <peter@...>

Hello Leif,

I suggest you make a wideband recording.
It would then be possible to run it through various softwares with
and without notch filters to see what works best.
I do this often using Winradio 313i/Winrad backend(no notch)
And have notch success with 313i audio out only.

Linrad does have the notches you ask for, but the particular
problem you bring up has a better solution in Linrad. I would
need an authentic example to demonstrate that.
Have not tried Linrad yet - but I gather there is now a Windows
installer, making things(for me!) a little easier

There's an NDB listening event this weekend so I'll try and make a
problem sample.


Peter g3ufi Hastings UK JO00GV

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