Re: Recording & notch - manual interface

Leif Asbrink

Hello Peter,

Very sharp filter is in use, but strong carriers/stations close-in
either side can cause desensing on wanted signal/channel. Judicious
use of notch(es) can make the difference.
I suggest you make a wideband recording.
It would then be possible to run it through various softwares
with and without notch filters to see what works best.

I can predict that the particular problem you describe
will not be best solved by use of notches. My opinion does
not count however, but mp3 files with the real loudspeaker
audio output should reveal if something is better than
something else.

The beauty of SDRs is that if anyone can show that some software
is clearly better than all the others, such a conclution will
not be valid for a long time since the authors of competing
softwares will know what to improve:-)

Linrad does have the notches you ask for, but the particular
problem you bring up has a better solution in Linrad. I would
need an authentic example to demonstrate that.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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