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Thank you Mike,
Great photos and info on your site.  I will take a look at the Softrock again. 
I noticed something yesterday and brushed it off, but noticed again today with a noisy 75 meter band this morning.  I had a Ten Tec 540 and it was hearing very well.  I had the SDR-Console with SDR-IQ on an end fed.  I started comparing the ability to hear, tried all the setting of the RF Gain and IF gain and saw the base band green and white zones increasing and decreasing with the settings. I don't see much height of the actual signal above the base noise.    Switched to Windrad with same antenna and SDR settings there was a noticeable audible improvement between the noise and received audio.  It also seems to me SpectraVue has a slight edge over Winrad.  What can be the deal??  To me there is something different about the signals on low level signals between the three programs.  I really want SDR-CONSOLE  to work the very best as I like many of its features.
I am curious if anyone else has experienced this??

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Thanks for the notes.

There have been LF softrock users on 136kHz and 500kHz for a while and Jim Moritz M0BMU in RSGB LF Today published examples of how to make the simple V6.2 Softrock of use at LF and VLF. You can find the schematic on several blogs e.g. or my own

My RX on 500kHz is a modified Softrock using a 4Mhz crystal LO and divide by 8 and the band width even with a 16 bit 48KHz sound card is much wider than the allocation from 501-504khz.



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>I see the various talk about Softrock SDR. When I first looked at them last year, I noticed they did not tune down to 540kHz.
>>For $139 I purchased the Elektor board. I struggled from April to January until I purchased the E-Mu 0202. It was like the sun had risen. It worked really well at a full 190kHZ bandwidth. The comment I read about the low entry cost of Softrock, I couldn't hold back a pitch for Elektor.
>>It worked beyond my expectations. I suggest buying their bandpass kit for about $80 which would bring it to just over $200.
>>Within the month, I purchased the RFSpace SDR-IQ, mainly because it has a serial output which interfaces to a ham rig , the Elektor does not have. The RFSpace has about 6 LPF (low pass filters) that switch in and out with frequency.
>>So give the Elektor a look. With just the basic board, you will have the SDR experience.

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