Re: SDR-Radio for the Swl/Dxer

Simon HB9DRV <simon@...>

It's also what Software Engineering is about.


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


From: sdr-radio-com@... [mailto:sdr-radio-com@...] On Behalf Of R R Robson

GUI design is 99% art; 1% technical


From: jmiles56@...

I've got to say this is one nice program. After looking at all the posts about 90% are
ham related. Once all the tx stuff is added in I hope it doesn't
end up looking like multipsk.. Great program also but trying to find just
the receive stuff and trying to pick through it is not fun. I keep seeing many things on want list ( yelp I have several also) but just hope that all the additions aren't gonna bloat it down.just my 2 cents for those for us who are looking at receive side only.


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