Re: Can I run SDR Console as 32bit app on 64bit PC?

Simon Brown


Please​ attach a screenshot - I do want to help you. I cannot remember the options available for the G33DDC as I don't have any WinRadio here (I only had them on loan).

So - if you attach a screenshot showing the Ribbon Bar, Home panel I'll maybe be able to help.

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Thanks for answering, Simon! My audio buffer is at 4X and all run OK if I use a 2Mhz span size. My CPU utilization is in the 1.2% - 1.4% range with audio delay in the 60ms to 90ms range, as long as I use a 2Mhz span. If I use a span size that is not an even multiple, ie like 1.66Mhz, my CPU utilization doubles to 3.8% or so, my audio delay increases to the 90ms - 110ms range and I get dropouts. My thought was that the CPU has to work harder calculating and buffering the audio and decoding, when the span size increments are not even numbers. Seems like that anyway. My IQ Data cache size is 4200MB and and the Audio Delay is 4X as mentioned, Max fill is checked. My Display resolution is Default. I am using the latest kit, but had the same issue on previous kits. This doesn't happen with my ELAD S2 or Afedri-Net radios by the way, which is why I considered the G33 code as a possible issue.

If I run the G33 at 1.66Mhs span there are occasional dropout even at 4X audio delay, more at 2X and many at default, regardless of Max fill option. As long as I use 1Mhz, 2Mhz and 4Mhz spans sizes, the G33 audio behaves nicely. I do notice at times that the audio delay, as seen in the lower right of the screen, sometimes creeps higher and stays at a high value unless I mute the volume and unmute again to clear the delay. I suppose that could mean internal PC audio problems too.....

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