Can I run SDR Console as 32bit app on 64bit PC?


I use SDR Console as a 64bit app now with a G33DDC radio. It is sensitive to span sizes to run efficiently, ie a 1.66Mhz span runs at 3.6 % vs a 2Mhz span at about 1.2 %. And there are audio dropouts when running at 1.66Mhz too. I am wondering if I could run the 32bit version of V3.3 instead, maybe eliminating the 64 to 32 bit conversion of the G33 code. This is for Simon to answer, since he wrote the G31/G33 code for SDR Console. I am running at 4X audio buffering by the way, which works well to prevent dropouts at a 2Mhz span size, but not a 1.66Mhz span size. I have an I7-8700 CPU so that shouldn't be a problem.

Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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