Re: RX-888 Mark II suddenly acting really strange


Well, one difference I see with the way I use it and the way you are using it is that I run the full 64 MHz bandwidth and simply tune to the section I want to see. Working that way I desperately need an intermediate bandwidth window to show the narrower view you have. I've not had it notice it showing me the wrong frequency when doing that, however. I suspect the way you have it setup MAY show aliasing.

The RX888 MK2 does not include any RF tuner or filtering beyond the 64 MHz anti-aliasing filter.  I don't know how Simon implements lower sample rates. People using that seem to have had problems. So I use it the way I use it.

{o.o}   Joanne

On 20221116 16:21:20, Curt Faulk wrote:

Sorry, one of those last two worked.

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