Re: Remote sdr via microwave link but no pc at remote end?


On 20221031 14:33:35, Max wrote:
On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 05:51 PM, Mag loop Simon wrote:
Hi Max

The answer to your question is a yes..

Check the polar pattern of said loops..and you will find your answer..

To make said loops or short verticals comparable one needs to phase 2, preferably 3 inline..
OK thanks Simon. That explains the theory succinctly. I wondered what Tracey actually saw "in the real world" i.e. were his efforts rewarded! Have you run a beverage before yourself, or experienced one? I know I should look up the full theory and no doubt all will be revealed (if I could even understand it) but they always struck me as an antenna that breaks all the rule books because we are always told that to be effective an antenna needs to be in clear space and at least 1/2 wave from the ground, and yet these Beverages are quite the reverse.


Rule 1. If it conducts it radiates no matter where it is.

Rule 2. All we can do is negotiate with nature about how well and where it radiates.

Rule 3. If it radiates it receives with equivalent efficiency.

Rule 4. On HF, particularly below maybe 15 MHz, efficiency is not important.

With that in your mind the tool called EZNEC, antenna modeling software, is a terribly addictive way to get a notion of what any given antenna will do. Do NOT count on it being super accurate. It shows trends nicely. The better the model the better the results. (That includes including your house, the appliances in the kitchen, the car in your driveway, ... enh you get the idea. Use it for looking at trends not perfect results.) WARNING: As you get to playing with it EZNEC becomes more and more addictive. I had to go cold turkey for awhile.


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