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In the crudest sense if elevation is below 0 degrees forget communicating with the Moon. A little less crude might be elevation below 5 degrees to avoid some of the multipath artifacts. And more refined would be an ability to work from a 360 degree photograph from the antenna site so if the elevation hits an obstacle shown in the picture it's noted to the operator. (Fun job for somebody masochistic enough and complete-ist enough to actually enjoy torture.) The "below X degrees is MUCH easier and can implement inside even fairly distracted operators' minds.


On 20221028 06:07:11, Ken Sejkora wrote:

I think Simon might have a point.  Unless I’m missing something, I think the only parameters one would absolutely need to know to aim an antenna array for EME communication would be the azimuth and elevation of the moon relative to one’s home QTH.  Obviously, moonrise and moonset are critical to determine if the moon is even visible.  In addition to knowing those elements at the home QTH, knowing those parameters at a potential DX location would also be helpful to determine if EME with that location might even be feasible.


I’m not sure what benefit knowing the declination provides.  Granted, it lets one know if the plane of the moon orbit is north or south of the Earth’s equator, but the overall effects of declination would be reflected in the azimuth and elevation readings for any given point in time.  Declination might be nice-to-know information, but I’m not sure if it is need-to-know information.


Please enlighten me if my assumptions are incorrect.  Everyone have a great day.  73




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Why declination? Educate me please.

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To me elevation, azimuth, declination, moonrise, and moonset are all we need.

Doppler is a plus.



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