Re: Dave G7GZC says "My Fun Cube Dongle Pro Plus has gone "Phut!"


Even 1 Gig Ethernet is a little slow for some of the wider bandwidth tools coming out these days such as RX888 let alone RX888 MK 2. (And both of which are surprisingly useful. 2 is better than original, though.)


On 20221027 16:16:25, vince battle wrote:

Very true Joanne,

But I would have thought by now, Pieter would have a new design on the board by now.




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Older parts become unobtainium with time. So designs must change. A changed design ****MUST**** have a changed product name even if it's tacking on an MK2 or B to the name so people are not being lied to. Sounds like RFSpace folks are being gentlepersons in this regard.


On 20221027 11:18:39, Nick Hall-Patch wrote:

I often asked myself why they didn't continue to make the quite wonderful NetSDR....the Perseus after all, continues to be available, more that a decade after its initial appearance

However, RFSpace's presently available CloudSDR could be thought of as a physically smaller NetSDR which also has  the NetSDRs options available as stock (VHF coverage, external trigger, external clock) as well as being its own server, no computer required.   Now, if it had the NetSDR X2 option as well...

But oh my, the price has gone up...


At 16:39 2022-10-27, Simon Brown wrote:

NetSDR is an excellent RX.
Simon Brown


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