Re: Remote sdr via microwave link but no pc at remote end?


On 20221027 15:01:54, Max wrote:
On Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 06:30 PM, Mag loop Simon wrote:
house looks over lovely valley, 150m across valley on top of moor, is a prime location to setup a beverage etc and remote sdr.
line of sight 150-200m distance.
Hi Simon (Mag)

Congratulations on new house. Not in any way wanting to put dampener on, but just a plea to think about wildlife. Stringing low wires across fields in open countryside, deer will get tangled up at night. Slightly higher wires, birds will hit it, especially owls when scanning field for rodents. If you think it does not happen I have it on my own security cams, owl hitting my low slung (and luckily very slack) wire. He (she?) was OK. If it had been pulled tight I reckon high chance they would not have flown off so happily. Even so, may have been injured of course. Not proud of it. That wire has now gone. Now got much higher EFHW well above usual "hunting owl height" but kept slack for the same reason. I've got space to put out any number of wires on my own land but as a wildlife lover I don't for exactly that reason, though of course I know many do. Usual response is "I've never seen it happen", but that doesn't mean it does not.

Sorry, still fuming from idiot walker crossing field this afternoon with two stupid dogs off lead (sorry, that's perfectly OK dogs with stupid owner) totally out of control, off footpath and all over field chasing after previously peaceful grazing deer who then get panicked to jump fence in awkward place. Now, "where's me gun Rosemary......." (one for those in the UK old enough to recognise the reference from classic TV series!).



Consider the probability of an owl connecting with a wire. What is the intersection area for the likely owl orientations vs all the other paths it could have taken. I suspect it is very small. That suggests to me that there may be an owl overpopulation if the owl/wire collision happens with any frequency. To me that suggests this is something to see as lamentable but not something to get worked up about.

With regards to the analysis I wonder if a tight copper-weld wire would be better than a slack wire. The slack wire's curve would make a collision more likely near the wire ends or mid-supports.

As for deer interactions - the deer ate your rosemary.

{o.o}   (Just sorta thinking out typer.)

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