Re: Start/Stop delay help please


There is a reason I suggested a full tour of options. Tools->options->Auto-Mute.

You can set the mute time from 0 to half a second in 10 ms steps.

I bet you'll find other good stuff on your tour of options, too.


On 20221027 05:32:35, hiram maxim wrote:

Yes, I have done this and it would seem to be a great solution..however, I get a "signal tail" .  hard to explain.  But say on CW, the pause between words results in a quick tone from the SDR when it goes back to receive.  I tried adjusting the options for the longest mute delay but I still get the annoying signal burst.  I can't seem to get the SDR to stay muted long enough to prevent the tail.  So I have to manually stop the program during transmit or I go nuts listening to the fragment of the last CW character between words.  Hope that makes sense.

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