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Um, I would think that a very useful tool would be a Moon grey-line sort of display. All places that can see it have one faint color overlay and all other places a darker overlay when it is enabled. AND that could turn off the Sun display, perhaps. I suspect the Moon does not care much if the Sun is up. (But, that big noise radiator up there might mask the Moon bounce, of course.)


On 20221027 03:58:41, Ken Sejkora wrote:

For what it’s worth, some limited lunar data are already available.  If the ‘Sub-lunar’ box is checked in the upper toolbar, the current position of the moon is shown on the map.  If you move the mouse pointer to the moon, the information box over the moon will display the great-circle bearing to that portion of the Earth where the moon is directly overhead. 


Yes, other information may be useful (time of moon rise/set for your home QTH, phase, declination, elevation, etc.), but some of the desired information may already be available.  Good luck.




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Could be done, what would you want to see? I think I've seen this on EME programs.

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Is it possible to add moon info for "lunatics" :)



Simon Brown <simon@...>, 27 Eki 2022 Per, 08:44 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Simon's World Map 1.3.2 with optional satellite display is finally available. A few bugfixes and performance improvements as well.



Now back to SDR coding!


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