Re: FunCube Dongle ProPlus noise and RFI improvements. Tips please.


Should have said "through" instead of around.


On 20220924 04:01:07, jdow wrote:

Good point.

Wrap antenna feed or USB feed several times around a 3/4" clamp on bead with the suggested foil wrap. If that works even minor miracles make it permanent. If not you've saved yourself some work. Outside noise picked up on the antenna is your biggest problem.


On 20220924 03:11:37, Dirk wrote:
Mostly the RFI comes in through the antenna and USB ports.
So before you build a "RFI enclosure" check how much RFI comes into the ports.
What I would do:
Choose a reception situation with some RFI. Write down SNR and noise level.
Wrap some aluminum foil round the dongle with contact to GND of the USB and SMA plug. Eventually try 2 other variants: with contact of the foil only to the SMA OR only to USB plug.
Write down the SNR, noise level.
If there are no relevant improvements with the foil: forget the "RFI enclosure".
Instead improve the RFI input from USB and possibly improve the antenna. There are multiple options.

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