Re: Pluto specifics

Larry Dodd

In theory a USB2 should be capable of 30 MHz. But with overhead in practice, and other real world detriments 15 MHz is more realistic. Folks that use USB hubs will see even less. Never use a hub if speed is important. Use the shortest possible quality USB cable in a direct on computer USB connector for best results. 
Larry K4LED 


On Sep 11, 2022, at 9:18 AM, Roy VE7DH <ve7bpb@...> wrote:

The question that occurs to me; if 6 mhz is the limit due to USB2 limitations, then why is there a 10Mhz setting when using my SDRPlay devices with USB2? In fact, I have been running one of my RSP2 units at 8 Mhz for years monitoring wspr frequencies from 160m to 40m without any difficulty using my first generation I7 computer.

regards, Roy

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