Re: RX888 MkI frequency discrepancies in recordings

Larry Dodd

Understand. Seems there is a wide variation in quality. The Bodnar clock is great for 10 MHz but a little noisy at 27 MHz. Can’t beat their price. 
Larry K4LED 


On Sep 10, 2022, at 8:11 PM, D R via <robsond90@...> wrote:

Hi Larry,

I'd planned to use my Bodnar GPSDO to do that when I got my MkII, but I must have got lucky and received one with a good XO, as it's quite stable and needs very little calibration adjustment - just the luck of the draw!  I may have got the short straw when it comes to the MkI, though, which is a pity as I've always thought the MkI has a slight edge over the MkII in sensitivity when it comes to LF/MW stuff, where I do most of my listening.


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