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Larry Dodd

I keep a 12 volt fan on my RX888 MKII’s running 16 MHz BW, 15 to 31 MHz 24/7 monitoring solar flares and Jupiter storms. Run Console3 data stream into an SDRc2RSS interface program to Radio Sky Spectrograph version 2.9.63. Important to have a short high quality USB cable directly into rear USB port on WIN10 computer. Works fine on WIN11 also. All thanks to Simon’s excellent software. 
Larry K4LED 


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People who purchase it the MKII. Spot E-Skip while talking on HF.


On 20220814 08:07:12, Simon Brown wrote:
In SDR Console I run at 32 MHz internally, not 64 MHz.
  • Gets too hot even at 32 MHz
  • Don't really have the enthusiasm to get 64 MHz working - who really needs all that bandwidth?

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Too hot to go out, so had much time to make some drawings this weekend.  :)
As I saw e.g. the "Control Console" window for the RX888 in HDSDR, I had the idea to draw a similar fictitious Control Window for the RX-888 MKII, just to show how I imagine the internal function.
Is this basically true?

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