Re: Afedri AFE822X dual channel Diversity/phasing support?


As far as digital phasing, we may very well have the simplest solution right now. Instead of the SDR vendor software combining the two channels in the recording, they simply need to lay down the 2 channels in side by side streams in the RIFF file and build the software that can playback the 2 streams while at the same time providing variable digital delay to one or the other channel, all done after the recording process is done. This process needs to be standardized to allow any 'raw' 2 or more channel recordings to be digitally phased and played back after the fact.

Right now we lay down the SDR RIFF recording with a fixed phasing schema which 'freezes' the delay into the recording. Not doing that, opens up the possibility for variable digital phasing, after the fact.

Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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