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A mass of code that does not always work. That is why it got pushed back on the project stack.


On 20220810 08:33:08, Simon Brown wrote:

I'll take a quick look tomorrow.

The RX888 actually doesn't have an API DLL or library as such, just a mass of code.

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On Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 01:14 PM, Simon Brown wrote:
Well, the RX888 and RX888 MkII are supported. From the API I think they're the same thing..
Simon Brown
Just to make clear, what I was talking about in my starter post:
Other than the RX888 the RX-888 MKII has a digital attenuator (PE4312) only for HF and a VGA (AD8370 [the RX888 has a fixed LNA!]) for both HF and VHF.
That means, the attenuation/amplification range of the RX-888 MKII is from -41,5 dB to +33 dB for HF and from 0 dB to +55 dB for VHF (as Jinze Peng wrote).

I don't know what the driver API allows for the RX888 and the RX-888 MKII, but for a fully supported RX-888 MKII I would expect:
1. Slider for attenuation -31,5...0 dB for HF only
2. Slider for gain -10...+33 dB (?) for HF and VHF (or even extended range, if the R828D allows additional gain stages!)
3. 2 checkboxes for HF- and VHF-Bias-T on/off

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