Re: V3.2 Beta - SDRplay

Dale Elshoff WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

I am running W10, 64-bit with SDR Console 64-bit, build 2676 (July 25, 2022) and updated SDRUno to 1.42=0720 (API 3.10 is included with this install).

No problems, everything is working superbulously - SDRPlay RSPdx and an Airspy R2.


On 8/1/2022 12:15 PM, N2MS wrote:

Been spending most of my time outdoors hiking, swimming and operating portable. This is the first rainy day we've had in a month so I am doing upgrades on my W10 Laptop. I ungraded to the SDRC 3.2 Beta and will upgrade SDRUno to version 1.42-0728 to to version 3.10 API. Should I expect any issues with this new API with SDRC? The downside of being outdoors - hard to see the laptop screen to difficult to use SDRC. Mike N2MS
On 08/01/2022 9:36 AM Simon Brown <simon@...> wrote: The V2 API no longer works. Most people with SDR Console use the V3 option. Simon Brown

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