Re: SDR Console with W11


Dotting an i here - did you run Zadig on this system?

Did you copy settings etc from the Windows 10 system?


On 20220731 18:04:09, Chris van Lint wrote:

I also noticed this, but dismissed it as the potential cause, because when starting SDR-C and clicking the <Definitions> followed by <search>, the program has no trouble finding and identifying the dongle. To demonstrate this I have added some more definitions to the Radio Selection list. You will note there is even an original device using the Elonics E4000 front end, which again works fine on the W10 Laptop: Select Radio

I have several dongles. Some of them are the ancient original ones and some of them are the "Second Generation" versions which have the TCXO, built-in bias tee and the facility to use them for HF. These latter ones are both genuine Airspy and some are Chinese copies.  All of them work fine on the Laptop.

Photo representative of the dongles is attached:RTL_Dongle


On 31/07/2022 10:24, Simon Brown wrote:
That's what I noticed - wondered about the exact dongle model. maybe a photo of the dongle?



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