Re: Contour Multimedia Controller Express & SDRC

Siegfried Jackstien

you also can cick in main spectrum (as an example to a new station that you see in waterfall) and when focus is in main spectrum you also can tune (i use arrow keys cause my laptot has a touchpad and so no mosewheel)

sidenote ... get a midi controller (dj deck that speaks midi)

lots of functions and does not need to have the focus in spectrum for tune

in fact i can even hide sdrc (minimize) on taskbar and midi (and switch to tx) still works fine

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 01.08.2022 um 00:00 schrieb Don Woodward:

I picked up a Contour Multimedia Controller Express and using it with SDRC - I have programmed one of the buttons to be F5 for TX and it works well - I have programmed the shuttle to be mouse up/mouse down but in order for it to work the mouse cursor has to be on the IF Display window - is there any key press which would bring the IF Display window into "focus" so I don't have to move the mouse cursor there?  I could program another key on the Contour and click it before moving the shuttle.


Don W.

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