Re: No RSP useable in SDR Console #sdrplay

Simon Brown


I believe the SDRuno kit was updated to use 3.09 - or users were told to install 3.09.

If you have a problem using 3.0.9 or 3.0.10 please:

  1. Let me know exactly what models are connected to the computer
  2. Attach a logfile

From: <> on behalf of Sven SM6FMB via <svempa42@...>
Sent: 31 July 2022 13:43
To: <>
Subject: [SDR-Radio] No RSP useable in SDR Console #sdrplay
I have a couple of SDR Play SDR's: RSP1A and  RSP2dx will be found by SDR Console 3.1 and 3.2 but not startable. My RSPduo and RS2PRO not discovered.
Must use API 3.09 with SparkSDR and SDRuno to get them running.
Sven - SM6FMB

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