Re: SDR Console with W11


The EEPROM could not be read? Ah that suggests an installation issue of some sort. Without that determining much of anything about the dongle itself is impossible.


On 20220731 00:40:54, Chris van Lint wrote:

Hi Simon,

See attached


On 31/07/2022 06:42, Simon Brown wrote:

Much easier to read, thanks. One thing I notice - there's a signal at the centre frequency irrespective of the RTL's LO. Let's have a look at the Radio Configuration - button on the ribbon bar.

Attach a screenshot for each page in the Radio Configuration, I can't remember exactly what the options are but let's take a look.

If it's VHF you're interested in and want more bandwidth, then consider the Airspy R2.

ScreenHunter 19 (01).jpg

ScreenHunter 22.jpg

ScreenHunter 20.jpg

ScreenHunter 21.jpg

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