Re: SDR Console with W11

Chris van Lint

Hi again Simon,

I am not specifically interested in VHF. I have several analogue radios which will cover that, but SDR-C on my Laptop works brilliantly, so to be perfectly honest this has developed into being of academic interest only. I also have a SDR-Play which works fine.



On 31/07/2022 06:42, Simon Brown wrote:


Much easier to read, thanks. One thing I notice - there's a signal at the centre frequency irrespective of the RTL's LO. Let's have a look at the Radio Configuration - button on the ribbon bar.

Attach a screenshot for each page in the Radio Configuration, I can't remember exactly what the options are but let's take a look.

If it's VHF you're interested in and want more bandwidth, then consider the Airspy R2.

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