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Larry Dodd

Simon is 100% correct. The dual dipole Radio Jove antenna was designed for receiving Jupiter storm signals on a single frequency. The antennas highest gain (the bright green area) indicates the resonant frequency of the antenna. While not a broadband antenna it is somewhat useful over a larger bandwidth at a reduced gain. Yes the random vertical straight lines are most likely due to lightning either local or distant. The other artifacts do not appear the be Jupiter. 
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There could be static crashes in there. There could be actual signals from valid or EMI driven sources. These could be IMD responses within the receivers' front ends. At least one is a frequency sweep from ionosphere condition probe. (That would be the diagonal line.)

The scales are too smudgy for my old eyes. Pictures that are not shrunk down to unreadable blurs might help identify some of the spectrum lines.

He's not in a very RF quiet area, is he?


On 20220730 02:40:52, Simon Brown wrote:

  1. Screenshots of SDR Console really help, I have no idea what we're looking at in your attachment
  2. These could be static crashes

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Hello, Question to the radio operators! Have now set up 2 antennas. So 2x dipole directed on the 15 meter band at a height of 3 m to receive Jupiter (Radio Jove) at 20.1 Mhz. Receiver sdrduo. Software sdr console. At 20.1MHz. Bandwidth: 6KHz. 15-24Mhz bandwidth for Jupiter. What are those many vertical stripes in the waterfall? Thank you for the answer. Greetings Markus

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