Re: SDR Console with W11


That little keyboard changes the front end's tuned frequency. Since it is 10 MHz wide and you made a small change the receiver can both remain active and as expected on the same frequency. All that little keyboard does is change where your receiver is within (or outside of) the front end's 10 MHz bandwidth. You can define multiple receivers each with a different tuned frequency. That is you can listen to repeaters on 448/060MHz and 448.000 MHz and 446.040 MHz all at the same time if your front end is (nominally speaking) anywhere between 443.060 MHz (about 443.6 MHz to avoid strange effects) and 451.060 MHz (again 450.4 MHz would be better). All three receivers would remain running on their tuned frequency. One thing you will notice is the bottom of the waterfall will show a shift in its frequencies an the active bandwidth when you tune with the little keyboard. That would show the effect I mean.

I don't know if I found the right words to explain. If not I'll try again.


On 20220730 04:15:44, Chris van Lint wrote:

"Nothing like" means that if I tune to another frequency e.g. some 1.2MHz higher (A known active frequency), the expected transmissions are not heard. I tune by placing the cursor over the numerical display in the DSP and rotating the thumb wheel i.e move the MHz from "0" to "2" and the 100kHz from "9" to "1", or by selecting the from the <receive>ribbon and entering the frequency direct via keyboard.

On 30/07/2022 08:43, jdow wrote:

"Nothing like" needs some expansion. Suppose you were set to 145.123456 MHz. Which digit are you playing with. Are any keyboard keys pressed when you make the change. How are you using the mouse on the digits?

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