Re: SDR Console with W11


Last I knew SDRC Zoom was always around the center of the tuning range rather than any receiver's center frequency. With multiple receivers possible this makes disappointing sense. Of course, it would be nice to expand out the matrix windows on the receiver's center frequency beyond the steps Simon offers. The other option would be to be able to zoom around the current selected frequency on the display. That probably gets complicated in the SW if the front end frequency is not shifted.


On 20220729 22:54:37, Chris van Lint wrote:

A further possible clue?

If I tune "backwards" in 1 MHz increments the 120.9MHz appears on every decremented 1MHz setting, i.e. 119.9, 118.9, 117.9 etc.


On 30/07/2022 04:44, Simon Brown wrote:
You must check Auto center!

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