Re: Can the SDR device be part of the recordings list ?


Would it help to include dongle data in the filename if that does not make it ridiculously long?

In an IFF format file it's possible to save that data internally in a privately defined hunk. So if the consumer of such a file understands the hunk the data can be recovered.


On 20220727 05:42:10, Ben Z en de rest wrote:

I am playing with 2 instances of SDRConsole v 3.2 (latest Beta).
One runs an RTL-SDR (by TCP) at 2.048 Mhz and the other one runs an SDRPlay RSP2 at 2.048 MHz.

Both have recorded an hour from the satellite band around the ISS pass to try to catch some SSTV from the university satellites. 

On both the instances I run Data File Analyzer after the recording to easily "hop" between the satellite transmissions (start play from the analyzer window and use the cross hair)

But when opening the recorded file for analyzing there is no sign which recording was made with wich SDR device, both started at the same time, have same duration and sample rate. 

Would it be possible to show the SDR device in the overview of recordings ?

For now I enabled weak signal for the RTL device, making the recording 3 times the size of the recording from the RSP2 so I can see which recording is from which device so I have a workaround ;-)


Ben - PE2BZ

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