Re: Configuration SDR Console with Fldigi


So you do have the "use Port class" checkboxes checked. You are, I presume, connecting one item to one COM port and the other item to which it is to speak connected to the other COM port of the pair.  I am not sure what happens when two apps open the same COM port number. They won't talk to each other but both may well talk to a third app on the related COM port.


On 20220726 21:57:27, Pierre FK8IH wrote:

Thanks jdow, I do not succeed with SDR Console and Fldigi. I uninstalled com0com then reinstalled and I can only get COM# COM# pairs, which obviously do not work. Then I uninstalled again and installed VSP Manager with which I can add virtual pairs but no success again.

Well, I stop these many hours of unsuccess and will keep my current working pair of Quisk-Fldigi until I feel better and find what I missed.
73 - Pierre - FK8IH

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