Re: Using asymmetrical IF filters affectively in your SDR


Not exalted carrier - that's something else. It's just playing with tuning the signal around within a fixed filter. With the 8 kHz filter or 4 kHz filter I never tuned out the carrier for AM reception. That said, I have used the filter to convert AM to either LSB or USB replacing it with the BFO. Um, in that regard I had also doctored my R390A. It uses a 7360 tube for the SSB/CW demodulator. That works very cleanly and even looks like OEM. (The7360 was a beam deflection tetrode with a pair of anodes and some deflection electrodes. It makes a VERY good multiplier (mixer) in the empty state electronics world.)


On 20220726 19:17:01, Paul Cianciolo wrote:

Yes... Exactly. I did this with my R-390 the Harris RF 590 and the RACAL 6790 I believe it was called the exalted carrier if I am not mistaken
It is just such a great useful feature I wanted to let folks know how effective it is at minimizing  sideband interference adjacent station. 

I guess the real difference is that its done in software, nearly infinitely variable, using two great free software packages.
Some folks may not have been aware of how effective it can be.

Did I miss something in the video?

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Please explain to me what the difference is for AM broadcast between asymmetrical filters and simply narrowing the filter and tuning to the side? Used to do that all the time with my R390A for AM reception. Heck, I also used the 2 kHz filter for SSB. I'd tune to minimize adjacent signals and adjusted the BFO to make it sound right.

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On 20220726 11:16:29, Paul Cianciolo wrote:
Hello All, A quick video that shows a demonstration of how to use asymmetrical filters for AM broadcast band interference from adjacent channels utilizing both Console V3 and SDR#

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