Off Topic REALVNC Again

George Stein - NJ3H


I need help from some of the realVNC experts.

I was trying to install the professional trial version of VNC and I have totally messed things up.  So I tried deleting VNC and starting over with the home (free) version).  However it continues to show the professional edition trial and the home edition.  So, of course, I select the Home version.  I have added my desktop.

Now when I go back to my Android realvnc app, I only get one path into my desktop. I used to have two paths:  one for wifi connection and one using my ddns address.  I cannot get the app to accept the any but some default path.

I would really like to at least get vnc back to the way it was on my android.  I have deleted the app and reinstalled it.  I am afraid that the vnc people have made changes to it in the last 6 months that is keeping it from working.  Wish I had the old app file (I forget the file type) and a way to reinstall it.

I have sent messages to the realvnc folks but they all go unanswered even after weeks.  Just about fed up to here with this whole thing.

Any specific help with realvnc home edition would be greatly appreciated.


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