Re: Mass Confusion At Super Station #4 this AM


Hm, you had a really long drive. You have not yet arrived at about 0240 local there.

Have a nice sleep.


On 20220722 08:27:50, Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU wrote:
Hello Curt, the farm is on autopilot while I’m out of town unfortunately. Currently my wife, N1YGF, and I are gone for next 9 days to volunteer/work the air show at Oshkosh, WI. My daughter could do it, but it’s two repeater sheds, and one barn where all the cables get disconnected.

Stole the Argentdata OT-3 from the old truck and placed it in the (new to me) F-150.!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FKA1GJU-8&timerange=21600&tail=21600

I was up before dawn hooking stuff back up, trying not to let the bovines see/hear me. OTW they start bellowing because they’ll want some grain and wake up the neighbors. Lol

Keeping fingers crossed for next 9 days!

73 Kriss KA1GJU/M  Just did a driver swap, only 18 hrs to go…

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