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Larry Dodd

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On your WIN10 computer check your audio control panel to see If you may have a microphone or some other item turned on. You can click on anything you find to turn it off 


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Transmit monitor enabled?

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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Audio output on unused sound card

I found a strange issue running SDRC 3.1 B2572 on German  W10-64 together with my limeSDRmini.

I use an external USB soundcard for audio input / output. Modulation etc. is fine with this combo. Inside SDRC only one receiver is defined using this external soundcard.

What I found, that when I run SDRC, there is high frequency noise / hisses and sometimes I think to hear some sort of voice modulation on the build-in soundcard of the notebook.

I can mute the receiver but the "ghost-receiver" is still running?!

Anyone any ideas what's going wrong in my setup?


Dietmar, DL2SBA

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