Re: Afedri AFE822X dual channel Diversity/phasing support?


Due to California's government and greenie weebies it pretty much already is. We dump water into the ocean to protect a bait fish which may no longer exist rather than feed water to a region that could and did feed the world given some water. We have an education system that is one of the most expensive in the nation and one of the poorest performing. Our air is already cleaner than the air that circulates across the Pacific from China. But we gotta make it cleaner - but without using carbon or nuclear. And we have no water to waste on hydro-power. So we gotta make it all even cleaner. We'll we made it cleaner by shutting down our agriculture - or did that make it dirtier because we now must import most of our food rather than growing food and exporting it. (The central valley is insanely fertile given some water.)

If you look at heat budgets humans are producing about the same level of energy as the Earth was radiating on its own 1000ish years ago (outside of any minimums or the like.) So making a 1% change isn't going to do much of anything. Making a 25% change isn't going to do much for quite awhile. Realistically we must learn to adapt rather than be stuck on "feels good stupid." The "official" approach is all about control, same as the COVID response, same as - well, all dictators the world has ever had.

I'm not worried on two counts. First I won't be there to see the final extinction of humans. Second, the extinction of humans is inevitable. Intelligence is an evolutionary dead end doomed to extinguish itself as it gets smarter and plays with levels of energy and aspects of nature such as genes that can all too easily extinguish itself. I won't be around for that event either. COVID, now Monkey POX, and other diseases are supportive proof of my biological conjecture. (Especially man made COVID that has mutated into something utterly out of control and fortunately more benign than its creators, including Anthony Fauci, wanted. Fauci wanted it to learn about it and learn how to control it. Illegal here. So he went to China and they messed up, unintentionally or intentionally I cannot say. I can say proof has been shown that Fauci illegally used US funds to sponsor the research in Wuhan.) And common wisdom is that using nukes will kill everybody within days, weeks at the outside, if somebody miss-tunes insanely sensitive instruments, which means "'Tain't so, McGee." So terrorists will find a way to make it happen.

You started it.


And every time I think we can beat the curse that comes with intelligence a Putin or a Pooh bear (Xi) come along. Or we grow anal orifices who preach Marxism and use terror to support their teaching.

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Due to climate change I'm sure parts of California will be uninhabitable in 50 years' time.

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There is a little problem we have in this area, fires - very large fast moving fires. It seems this area breeds fires and its native landscape has evolved to actually use the fires in their reproductive cycles. With the water scarcity there is a big push for drought tolerant (native) landscaping but somehow with magic to avoid the fire danger. Eeebgh!


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Will test when available :-)

Mostly I power the AFE822X from the PC having both the USB and Ethernet cabling attached.
It does not seem to do any harm and I can switch between Ethernet and USB communication very easily.

BTW Good thinking wrt the lawn and garden. I applause you move!
At the EME QTH we have made a meadow out of the lawn after two visits of wild boar.
Could hardly walk the lawn after those visits, so we decided to make a meadow with all the wild herbs, flowers and grass that insects love.
Now we have plenty of bees, bumblebees, butterflies etc. etc. there. And all the flowering to look at all summer long.
Most other vegetation on our lot is chosen with the bees in mind. And, ease of gardening :-)

73 / Ingolf

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