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George Stein - NJ3H

Hi Simon,
My left eye got a floater a months ago which is as big as the starship enterprise. It can take 6 months to dissolve or whatever they do. 

Looking at info on the goofy text msg. It indicates it came from me to her. She is all worried that she was hacked. What is weird is Thai I just installed that program/app a couple of days ago and that was the topic of the questionable text. 

Have fun with George. Our family dog Festus, a black miniature doxie, died 48 years ago and I am still upset about it. Losing a pet is really hard. All the best to you. 


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Glasses, I need my new glasses. Anyway, I hope the text and any subsequent tests were successful :)

I also have floaters which are a total PITA. And I have George who steals my shoes, clothes and takes me on massive walks so I am truly cream-crackered!

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I hope your wife passed the test 🙂 .

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Thanks to all who responded. I did install Chrome Remote Desktop a few days ago and all was fine until a strange event tonight. 

1. I have chrome desktop open on my desktop.
2. My Android app is closed. 
3. Just arrived at San Francisco Airport and was texting my wife. 
4. A text message showed up with no sender name or avatar.
5. The message came to both of us. 
6. The message was some guy helping a friend with Chrome Remote Desktop.

So any ideas what in the world is going on?

Today, I got one of those pop up messages about some virus infecting the computer, but not from Defender or Malwarebytes. Ii looked like some phony website with the treats of God..

I ran Malwarebytes scan and all was reported well.


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