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Larry Dodd

Wow! What an effort. Berne deserves a lot of credit for building a monster like that. Hope it works as good as he expected. Cheers!
Larry K4LED

On Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 4:01 PM Conrad, PA5Y <g0ruz@...> wrote:

That statement is unfair. Bernd has put a lot of effort into the project. Take your blinkers off and read the story including the performance data. What he has achieved is remarkable and he helps to promote 432MHz EME. Large EME stations like Bernd’s really increase activity.


Lots of homebrew and effort.


He uses open wire feed which is necessary for such a system. This is not HF!




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For some people cocaine is the signal that they have too much money. I think this guy has a quite different and far more respectable signal that he has too much money - and time - on his hands. That must have taken awhile to get phased in and fed properly. I wonder if he really gets the 21 dB extra gain that should give him over a single beam. (18 dB would mean he has a lot of patience and very low loss feed lines across the array.)

Has he started the second one so he can use SDR techniques as he rotates them together for another 3 dB of gain.


On 20220710 11:03:03, Conrad, PA5Y wrote:

Hello Larry, no the purpose of the structure is the 128 yagis on 432MHz for EME.



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I'm guessing it will be an array of 16 when finished.

Larry K4LED



On 7/10/2022 17:20:20, Larry Dodd via <101science@...> wrote:

Yes 10. I missed counting one. Also looks like the whole array rotated both horizontally and azimuth.  



On Jul 10, 2022, at 1:17 PM, Ken Sejkora <kjsejkora@...> wrote:

Interesting image, Larry.  Aren’t there 10 yagis, 8 on top and 2 on the bottom?  And it appears the two on the bottom might be oriented with the elements in the vertical plane, as opposed to horizontal like the top yagis.


From: Larry Dodd
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Nine rotatable is better!


Larry K4LED 



On Jul 10, 2022, at 12:21 PM, Conrad, PA5Y <g0ruz@...> wrote:

Hello Jim, yes Rob PE1ITR gave me a link earlier today. You mean this one?


I just emailed them about shipping to the Netherlands.







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You could try the Antennenland Korner 9.2, German company, I don't know if they ship outside Germany these days. I know they won't ship to the UK any longer thanks to Brexshit.

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On 10/07/2022 07:31, Conrad, PA5Y wrote:

OK I will try him again, he passed it on to Wimo who failed miserably.




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The 8 element innov is very good, it's worth waiting for. Send Justin a direct mail if you have problems.

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As there are more experienced Band II DXers lurking can you recommend a Band II antenna? Max boom-length 5m and in stock somewhere in Europe. I ordered an Innovantennas OPT-DES which has not showed up 16 weeks later, so I cancelled the order. I have a crappy 3 ele up now. It was good enough for MUF tracking but would like something better for tropo.


Any recommendations?




Conrad PA5Y


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