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Er the clone was at about 1/3 size and worked on two meters.


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Back in the 60s there was a company called "TELEX" or "TELREX", can't remember which now. They made a 9 element close spaced beam for 50 MHz. In the 70s I had a nice 70' tower (do I need 120' now?) with TH6DXX at 70', the 50 MHz beam above that, and a literal metal broomstick a wire coat hanger clone of the 6 meter beam. It worked very well for me. Of course, that 70' tower put the antennas at 1000' ASL with down slopes to the West through South through East - and mountains to the North. (Working Chelyabinsk once from there was a thrill.)

If it conducts it radiates. That antenna could have been better. But, it had a real beam pattern and real gain. I count that as a success. Wire coat hanger steel is not THAT much worse a conductor than alumin(i)um.


On 20220710 08:10:40, Jim Smith G0OFE wrote:

You could try the Antennenland Korner 9.2, German company, I don't know if they ship outside Germany these days. I know they won't ship to the UK any longer thanks to Brexshit.

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OK I will try him again, he passed it on to Wimo who failed miserably.




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The 8 element innov is very good, it's worth waiting for. Send Justin a direct mail if you have problems.

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As there are more experienced Band II DXers lurking can you recommend a Band II antenna? Max boom-length 5m and in stock somewhere in Europe. I ordered an Innovantennas OPT-DES which has not showed up 16 weeks later, so I cancelled the order. I have a crappy 3 ele up now. It was good enough for MUF tracking but would like something better for tropo.


Any recommendations?




Conrad PA5Y


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