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For listening get the cable out of the picture by mounting it on the antenna.

At a guess that will buy you as much as 6 dB noise figure.


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What's the S3 noise figure on Band II ? I have maybe 2dB loss in the 25m RG6, so am wondering what the total NF is.

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BTW I put the BPF before the LNA to help protect it from 144MHz EME high power. I am not suggesting that a PGA103+ will saturate from normal Band II situations. However, it has a little bit too much gain, so a good filter and an attenuator does no harm. The S3 really is excellent. Just like you said 😊




Conrad PA5Y


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Hello Simon, I have done a noise analysis and you WILL benefit from an LNA. I have a PGA103+ preceded by a band pass filter and it seems to work very well. However, I am still waiting for a bigger antenna. I ordered an OPTDES which never arrived. So, I will ask a few of the local Band II DXers for an alternative.




Conrad PA5Y


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The ELAD S3 is the best Band II receiver I have. Am thinking about a preamp on the mast for those very weak stations - if I get close to receiving weak signals from across the pond (USA, Canada).

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Simon and others,


I have attached 3 pictures all with Console running.


Elad S2,

Airspy R2




The RSPdx is the only on of these three that has a decent signal. Running uno is fine also.


It is the other two that are causing problems.  The native software yields the same lousy signals.  There is a lot of noise on these two receivers for the station in question. I have fiddles with the R2 slide controls in both Sharp and Console. The Elad appears not to have any RF gain capability.


The frequency I am using for this exercise is 98.9, 92 watts, 25 km away.  I am using the same antenna for all three radios.  The antenna is pictured in an attachment. Same feed line to all three radios. My HF+ Discovery works fine also.


As I said in a previous message, the Elad S2 is the one that really puzzles me.  I would have expected it to come out the best (based only on price, that is).


Anyway, please let me know if more information is needed.


Thanks for looking into this.







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92 watts not 25.

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Further to my last message.  The station in question is 25 km away and running a mere 25 watts. 

Using SDR Console:

With the Elad S2 and and the Airspy R2, the reception was very noisy.

With the Airspy HF+ Discovery and the RSPdx, the signal was full quieting. With the edge going to the HF+ Discovery.

This was not a scientific test, just a casual observation. The only thing I am surprised about was the Elad S2 performance.

I then used the native software for each device and had the same results.

Regards and YMMV,


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